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October 2012
October 31, 2012

Have a listen! “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”

With today being Reformation Day, I just can not let the day pass without having a listen to an organ setting of “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” First off, Diane Bish’s arrangement is marvelous!  The horns are amazing!  Plus, what’s fun about this clip, is that you can watch her feet!  Organists are pretty […]

October 28, 2012

“If teacups could talk….”

Tea parties, from the very rustic to the frou frou formal, have been a part of our family right from the very beginning. When my husband and I first married, I left balmy “Hotlanta,” Georgia for the frozen Tundra in Minnesota. Tea party with a man? Yes! Cozying up under a wool blanket, holding mugs […]

October 23, 2012

“How do I raise an artistic child?”

The enemy isn’t threatened by a new generation that knows God and is steeped in Biblical truth but cannot effectively tell what they know. And he happily occupies the musical text of a new generation that can speak, sing, or play a musical instrument with jaw-dropping pizzazz, as long as their message is contrary to […]

October 18, 2012

How to Practice Your Instrument: Part 3

Set goals Set goals to chart your development.  It’s very important that you set goals that are both realistic and challenging.  You don’t want to look at the blueprint to your house and say, “Okay, I’ll build this house in a week.”  That’s unrealistic.  You won’t build it in a week.  So you make a […]

October 17, 2012

How to practice your instrument: Part 2

Write out a schedule. Write out a schedule to organize your practice time.  And follow it every day (especially when you don’t want to).  A schedule is like a blueprint for building a house, or some instructions for building a toy plane.  Have you ever built toy models or anything like that?  You know you’ll […]

October 15, 2012

Training the Child’s Heart through Song

Make plans for the hymns your children will sing Our children are like little sponges–capable of absorbing grand volumes of information.  Consider that everything that they learn about the world, they learn through you.  They interpret the world based upon what they have learned and experienced.  How do they define who God is?  Who they are?  How the world […]

October 15, 2012

“A Mighty Fortress is Our God”

How well Martin Luther knew that he had no rock, no fortress, no safe place from the wrath of God apart from the grace of God given through the Lord Jesus Christ.   A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing; our helper he amid the flood of mortal ills prevaling. For still […]

October 8, 2012

How to Practice Your Instrument: Part 1

Seek out private instruction A good instructor will help you understand the purpose of the exercises you practice, and will help you learn how to control your instrument and ultimately control youself through playing your instrument.  Another reason to seek our private instruction is that other people’s experience can provide you with shortcuts to get […]