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August 2016
August 22, 2016

Your children will love what you love

MOST IMPORTANT, DEMONSTRATE TO YOUR CHILD HOW MUCH YOU YOURSELF LOVE MUSIC.  Put on a favorite recording and dance, alone or with a partner, moving smoothly and freely, mostly with your upper body. Pick your baby up and dance with her in your arms. Or sit on the floor with your baby in your lap and […]

August 15, 2016

Playing at music making with your toddler

“THIS IS THE WAY WE COMB OUR HAIR….” One of the easiest ways to get into the habit of including music in every aspect of your life with your child is to make up songs about everyday activities as you perform them. Invent a crawling song, a getting dressed song, a going-out-in-the-stroller song, working to keep […]