Posted by Mindy


Time to refill my tea tins!  Green tea is just as refreshing iced as it is hot!

Anybody who comes for piano will soon find me with a cup of tea at hand.  I thought that you might enjoy some, too!

Here are my favorite teas:

Jasmine Dragon Green Tea Pearls.  Can you believe putting actual tea leaves into your cup?  You’ll see the leaves rehydrate and release their delicate, fresh scent and flavor.  Perfect for starting out the morning or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

White Aruvetic Chai is an Indian inspired sweet and spicy classic.  Be carried away by the scents of cinnamon, coconut, pineapple, ginger, cloves.  Tasty with or without cream.  Our coconut creamer makes it heavenly!

Youthberry White Tea has whole pieces of dried fruit in it!  A light fruit salad in a cup.  Brewing up to a lovely pink, it has a bright and lively flavor.

And my favorite source for good tea is Teavana!  The Teavana teas are the highest quality, meaning full, rich flavors, and the leaves can be rebrewed.  Drop by my place and try a sip from an Indian chai cup or a Japanese tea mug!