Applause, Applause!

Words of Praise


 Students and Parents


“Our daughter started from scratch with her piano lessons with a new teacher in a new city two years ago. Since, then, she has developed much more confidence and joy in her playing. She may not always get it right, but she has a great deal of encouragement and practice. When she was able to play most of her songs in the beginner’s book, she was encouraged to start learning hymns.

We attend a small church where the song service consists of hymns with piano and voice, and no other instruments. We have found a purity and scripturally supported focus on God that is unparalleled in hymns. Through the music arranged by Kim Snow of, used in Mindy’s piano studio, our 7 year old daughter has been able to sing and play the hymns, “Joyful, Joyful” and “What Can Wash Away My Sings” in a relatively short period at church during Sunday and Wednesday service. She has closed the service with those songs even no adults were able to play.

Many have said they do not know how to read music and instead play by ear. Although we as parents do not play piano, we are aware that is it important to recognize and hear the music, as well as read the notes. This method allows the young learner to quickly learn beautiful hymns and sing with joy to the Lord. Nothing can be better than waking up to a hymn played by a child. Thank you for making this possible. This is a gift for your child, the church, and God.”

Dr. M

Niceville, Florida


Dear Mrs. Denigan,

Thank you for being my piano teacher. Thank you for teaching me how to read and play music. I hope I can pass the generation to my children. (Pass what I’ve learned on to the next generation)

Your friend,


age 9


Dear Mrs. Denigan,

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me. I hope to play piano like you.

Love, Bella

age 6


Abigail’s piano teacher told her that it’s very difficult to play soft tunes and not loud dramatic ones. Most people pick loud tunes for recitals and prizes. Isn’t that true of Christian life? It’s very easy to be part of the big leadership stuff and the prominent things, but difficult to be part of the small stuff. The daily quiet disciplines of prayer, the steady parenting, gentle married days and hushed employee tones. Mindy Denigan, thank you for being there for us and making us more aware of the day to day. We love you.

S. McManus

Niceville, Florida



 Mrs. Denigan’s music studio is filled with so many fun things that will keep your whole body challenged and in motion from start to finish.  

You will use energetic motion of every part of your body for rhythm, and she will captivate your eyes with endless visual stimuli in many colors, symbols, and dimensions.  She will engage your tactile sensations of touch using a variety of sizes, shapes and textures plus challenge your right/left hand coordination.  All along she will engage your auditory system using a variations of pitch, tone and volume.

She can do all this through the joy of music!

This is the amazing kind of fun music camp no child will want to miss. As an Occupational Therapist I highly recommend this as a fun experience that captivates all the sensory systems of the body.  This is invaluable for any child….even us big kids! This is one camp you don’t want to miss!

Patty Duval, retired occupational therapist and very enthusiastic new piano student

May 2016



Mrs. Mindy,

I really appreciate all of your teaching!

I’m glad you’re in my life.



age 15


Dear Mindy,
Thank you very much for your love and service to me and my family.  We appreciate all you have done through teaching and praying and ministering to us, and all you continue to do.  We love you and are so thankful for your love for and to us.  We look forward to this year in piano.
With love and gratitude,
Heather Greenbaum

Dear Mrs. Mindy,

I love how you teach me piano. You are really sweet. You have a nice smile. You have a wonderful name. You make me happy and proud. Mrs. Mindy is the best piano teacher I have ever had.

from Isabela

age 8

 Mrs. Denigan,

Thank you for the piano lessons. I liked learning to play the piano. My favorite song on the piano is Birthday Train because it is fun.


Henry Conway

age 5


And here’s an endorsement which doesn’t require any words:


Happy Caia