August 22, 2016

Your children will love what you love

MOST IMPORTANT, DEMONSTRATE TO YOUR CHILD HOW MUCH YOU YOURSELF LOVE MUSIC.  Put on a favorite recording and dance, alone or with a partner, moving smoothly and freely, mostly with your upper body. Pick your baby up and dance with her in your arms. Or sit on the floor with your baby in your lap and […]

August 15, 2016

Playing at music making with your toddler

“THIS IS THE WAY WE COMB OUR HAIR….” One of the easiest ways to get into the habit of including music in every aspect of your life with your child is to make up songs about everyday activities as you perform them. Invent a crawling song, a getting dressed song, a going-out-in-the-stroller song, working to keep […]

July 21, 2016

Sharing the joy of music with your toddler

  Looking for a simple way to incorporate music into your toddler’s life? Here are a few very simple ideas from Don Campbell’s book, “The Mozart Effect for Children.” Borrow a melody from a favorite children’s song and make up your own words, singing them to the rhythm of her movement across the floor. The […]

July 21, 2016

Music as a Basic Life Skill

    WE BELIEVE that music ability is as much a basic life skill as walking or talking, and that all children can achieve competence in music provided their early music environment sufficiently rich. Kenneth Guilmartin   Thank you, Kristina Joan Mosley Photography, for your delightful photo!    

July 20, 2016

The Mozart Effect for Children: Awakening Your Child’s Mind, Health, and Creativity with Music

  It is not necessary to be a professional musician or even to sing on key all the time to introduce music into your child’s life. How well you pick out a tune on the piano or how gracefully you dance doesn’t matter nearly as much as the passion and joy with which you share […]

April 26, 2016

Building a Children’s Music Library

With all the busyness of planning for the upcoming summer, our minds are filled with what books and other resources that we need.  We all love books, don’t we?  Our books become our friends, and we become so attached them that we give more and more space in our homes to accommodate them.  We delight in enriching the […]

June 27, 2014

PraiseNotes Music Workshop!

Earlier this month we welcomed Kim Snow of to come do a workshop in the new Tea With Music studio in The Stables. She did an enthusiastic, informative, interactive program with my students teaching them how to accompany their hymn melodies with a lovely contemporary bass chord pattern. At the end of the session […]

March 11, 2014

An Introduction to Handel’s “Messiah”

The season of Lent is now upon us. For many years during Lent we listened to portions of Handel’s “Messiah” almost daily, singing along, sometimes looking up and reading the Scripture passages woven into the wondrous piece. Here is a fascinating BBC documentary with a performance of “Messiah” conducted by Sir Colin Davies and performed […]

March 7, 2014

When a Little Girl Conducts Her Church Choir

Here’s a perfect account to illustrate the power which our love of music has on our toddlers. Have you seen the viral video of the little girl directing her church choir? According to NBC News, she’s at a Baptist church in–of all places–Kyrgystan! May the power of God’s Word continue to go forth throughout the […]

March 4, 2014

What Makes for a Remarkable Education for Young Children?

Education should try to preserve the most remarkable features of the young: its adventurousness, its generativity, its resourcefulness, and its flashes of flexibility and creativity. Howard Gardner    

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