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August 29, 2013

A Puppy Dog Tea Party

Do tea parties bring pictures of your mind of girly-girl events?  A “Boys Not Allowed” activity? Every boy will love an excuse to eat cookies, listen to some fun music, and read a very “boy” poem which was written for a young boy! Today’s “tea party” includes a jazz piece by George Gershwin entitled “Promenade,” […]

August 24, 2013

How Music Helped Create the “I Have a Dream” Speech

  Fifty years ago today Martin Luther King, Jr. presented his “I have a dream speech.” Without Mahalia Jackson present, though, the speech wouldn’t have taken shape as it did. King, trusting his friend Mahalia, knew that she would be just the right lead-in to his speech. Mahalia, comfortable with him recommending what would be […]

August 20, 2013

Singing and Unwholesome Speech

  These California sea lions are pretty loud and obnoxious. What a lot of pushing and shoving, whining and complaining, unwholesome and corrupt communication! And, according to what we learned in Sunday school, the expression “unwholesome speech” comes from an expression in the Greek referring to “smelly fish!”  Well, these aren’t fish, but they don’t […]

July 15, 2013

Lullabies for Your Baby and You: Sleep Sound in Jesus

Lullabies have for millennia been the perfect music for babies. We parents may sing to our little ones, but sometimes we wear out and need someone else to sing for us! Michael Card’s lyrics and melodies in the Sleep Sound in Jesus collection are the perfect lullabies, not simply because of their restful qualities, but […]

June 15, 2013

Let All Creation Praise!

Even the trees clap their hands in praise to the Lord!   You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12    

April 30, 2013

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly….

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16 ESV   We tend to think about the word of Christ as being the teaching and admonishing part. What about the “singing […]

March 28, 2013

The Truth of God-Centeredness

Centering ourselves in God   means collecting all that is scattered around us– our misplaced trust, our disordered desires, our emotions, thoughts, problems– and yielding them to God.   It means allowing God  to take his rightful place  in our life by giving ourselves entirely to Him.   Leslie Vernick,   How to Act Right When […]

March 18, 2013

Why Would God Ever Answer Me?

Paul Tripp has been of tremendous encouragement to me through his books, seminars, sermons.   I appreciate his continual pointing to who God is and challenging me as to the state of my heart.  Below is a recent blog entry of his. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I never get used to the moment-by-moment miracle of prayer. It’s an amazing […]

March 11, 2013

A Sunday Music Tradition

LOOKING BACK AT YOUR GROWING UP, what music do you associate with Sundays in your home? Consider creating the richness of listening to beautiful music in your home, music specifically associated with the Lord’s Day.    You may recall in previous blog entries how I’ve commented on the blessing of having made Handel’s “Messiah” a part of our […]

October 31, 2012

Have a listen! “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”

With today being Reformation Day, I just can not let the day pass without having a listen to an organ setting of “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” First off, Diane Bish’s arrangement is marvelous!  The horns are amazing!  Plus, what’s fun about this clip, is that you can watch her feet!  Organists are pretty […]

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