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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH was a man who deeply loved the Lord, greatly loved music, and was devoted to his family. He was a humble man, a hard worker, with a sense of humor and fun. He never made much money or achieved earthly fame during his lifetime, but he was content. Although virtually unknown during his lifetime, the Bach name had already been synonymous with musicians for two hundred years. So many Bachs were musicians in that part of Germany that people used to call a man a Bach when they meant that the was a musician, even though Bach wasn’t his name at all.

In 1685, the year that Bach was born, Handel was also born.





Meanwhile, other composers had been busily at work with their music projects.  Here we have popular music from little Johann’s world from Scarlatti, Pachelbel, Purcel.   I think that you can forgive me for picking out some of my favorites–a hard task, I must say–as there were so many to choose from!  Buxtehude, (what a name!) whom Bach greatly admired, will have his own blog.

Think of these composers as the John Williams of their day. You can identify many of John Williams’ compositions from the movies which you’ve seen–yes, really! That’s how popular these guys were!

When Bach was born,

      SCARLATTI was 25.  Here we have Vladmir Horowitz play Scarlatti’s Sonata in E





PACHELBEL was 32, and you can hear the Canon in D here





   PURCEL was 26 and was popular for his Trumpet Tune and Air.  Doesn’t it sound so royal?  You can almost imagine a king walking in procession!  Do you think that Johann Christophe, Bach’s older brother, played this on the organ, even as it’s played here?




Tell me: do you think that all the men wore wigs? Consider this: about 100 years later, George Washington wore a wig!

Wouldn’t you want that fashion statement to stay away?  What would they all look like with a buzz cut?

Later on, we’ll listen to Bach’s contemporaries:  Handel, Teleman, and Vivaldi, Bach’s dear friend. 
And Telemann, who later became Bach’s friend, was aged 4. We’ll learn more about him another day.
Do you think that they wore wigs, too?
Oh, well.  Forget the funny hairdos.  They were totally in style!  
Enjoy the music!