Posted by Mindy

Looking for a simple way to incorporate music into your toddler’s life? Here are a few very simple ideas from Don Campbell’s book, “The Mozart Effect for Children.”

Borrow a melody from a favorite children’s song and make up your own words, singing them to the rhythm of her movement across the floor. The following lyrics, for example, can be sung to the song “Are You Sleeping” (“Frere Jacques”).


Are you crawling,

Are you crawling,

Little one? Little one?

Underneath the table,

Watch out, it’s not stable,

Crawl along. Crawl along.


Though she won’t understand your words, of course, she will register the rhythm of the song as it accompanies her exciting new activity. The pleasant sounds will guide her movements, and your happy attention will encourage her to keep practicing her crawl.

You are welcome to read this selection from the book by Don Campbell: “The Mozart Effect for Children: Awakening your Child’s Mind, Health, and Creativity with Music, published by William Morrow, p. 74-75