Posted by Mindy


While up in Washington, DC last week, I soaked in the glorious reds and golds, rich colors not seen since leaving the North many years ago.  What a soul refreshing lunch break from researching in the DAR Museum to sit out in filtered sunshine, watching golden leaves float down from the heights!  Truly, the heavens declare the glory of God, and the earth proclaim His handiwork!

Now with Hurricane Sandy having pommeled the Mid-Atlantic and New England states, all that eye-burning intense color is now all blown away….
Well, for those of you who have not yet experienced the glories of autumn color yet or have not lost yours, here is a musical picture created by Vivaldi.

For those of you suffering the aftermath of the storm, my heart aches for you and my prayers lift heavenward on your behalf.

Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto “Autumn” from “The Four Seasons”