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Debussy, a French composer, was born August 22, 1862. He was considered one of the preeminent Impressionist composers of his era, although he disliked the title. He is considered one of the most influential composers at the turn of the 20th century.  He died of cancer in March 1918 while Paris was being bombarded by the Germans during World War I.

Take note piano students:  as a pianist, Debussy was known for being an excellent sight reader!

So, make a pot of tea, pull out a package of buttery madelines (with a nod to Marcel Proust), put on the music, and create a new memory!  If you would like to bake your own, visit The Nibble.


Debussy’s music:

Claire de Lune performed by the amazing pianist Claudio Arrau
A lively collection of pieces The Children’s Corner which deserve their own blog entry.  One piece sounds like a cat and mouse game. Can you hear an elephant in another? I’ve always loved hearing the dancing snow!
Goliwog’s Cakewalk.  The lively piece is from the collection “The Children’s Corner.” This particular recording is based upon a piano roll created by Debussy himself. Scott Joplin, the American ragtime composer, was a contemporary of Debussy. In fact, the French became fascinated by the “ragged” rhythms of ragtime with Debussy doing his own style of ragtime, this piece composed in 1913. You can listen to one of Joplin’s famous tunes composed in 1902 “The Entertainer” and compare.
Prelude to an afternoon of a faun, a early, ground-breaking composition for orchestra performed here by the
Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Bernstein
Following the lead of my favorite piano teacher who had studied French Impressionist music in Paris, I named my pet after a French composer. She named her poodle “Poulanc,” while I renamed my cat from “W.C.” to “Debussy.”