Posted by Mindy

Just about everybody knows Old MacDonald!  Here are some fun ways to you to sing it!

At the same time you’re training your children to listen closely.

Listen to Ladysmith Black Mombaso sing “Old MacDonald” Zulu style to get ideas for animal sounds.  Enjoy the lovely harmonies!


Now sing the first verse all together!  Once everybody has a feel for how to sing it all together, then let’s take the song to the next level!

Sing back and forth!  You sing the first phrase, then the children sing the second, and so on, including the animal noises.


Mom or Dad:  Old MacDonald had a farm

children: E-I-E-I-Oh!

Parent:  And on that farm he had some _______

children: E-I-E-I-Oh!

Parent:  With a _________ here,

children:  and a _________ there

Parent:  Here a ______

Children:  There a ______________

All together:  Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-Oh!

For even more fun on the farm, listen to Ella Fitzgerald swing it!


And there’s Duke Ellington with her–more jazz royalty!