Posted by Mindy

Even the most accomplished, talented musician in the world has to practice!  Hard to imagine, isn’t it, but these top-notch people wouldn’t be as wonderful to listen to as they are apart from all their plain, old hard work.

One such celebrated artist is Wynton Marsalis, one of the world’s most accomplished trumpet players.  He is well acclaimed for being a leading player of both jazz and classical music, having received numerous Grammy Awards for his recording.  His list of awards and performances with classical and jazz greats is long.

Here is the first of a series of his thoughts on how to practice from his book, Marsalis on Music.

Wynton Marsalis on how to practice your instrument

“Even after we have been inspired to practice, we may not know how.  You could do more damage than good by practicing the wrong way.  It’s like if you go out and get a weight set because you want to develop muscles, but you lift weights every day and work the same muscles.  Well, this is the wrong way to lift weights.  You’re not supposed to work the same set of muscles two days in a row, because that way you break muscles down instead of building them up. “

Wynton Marsalis, from “Marsalis on Music” p. 122