Posted by Mindy

Here are some excellent music activities to do as a follow up to my previous blog from the out of print book, Sound Choices.


Playing with the elements.

Just as you name objects, body parts, colors, and shapes, use your mental sound checklist and use the elements of sound as you go about your daily routines. “I swing you slowly–and now we go fast.” “I whisper softly–I call you very loud.”



Sing an up-curving melody, saying, “Up, Up, Up” as you swing high. “Down, Down, Down” as you land. Sing pitches up or down the scale as you walk the stairs.



Swing or rock your child at different speeds. Describe them as you do them: “So-o-o slow” or “Fast, Fast, Fast.” Try this poem as you move together:

Steamboat, steamboat, go so slow.

Steamboat, steamboat, get some gas.

Steamboat, steamboat, go so fast.



Vary the volume of your speech when you talk to your child. Try using stuffed animals of various sizes as puppets, matching voice to size.



Sound comes in sizes, too. Try the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and exaggerate the high, medium, and low qualities of Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear. Or, using stuffed animals or puppets, choose animals whose voices are obviously high or low (kitten and lion). If you have a keyboard, let it help you” speak.” Eventually your child will be able to find the high kitten and low lion.


You can read these ideas in fullĀ  from pages 8-9 of Sound Choices, Guiding Your Child’s Musical Experiences, Wilma Machover and Marienne Uszler