Posted by Mindy

For those of you who have been anxiously waiting:  I’m currently scheduling a knitting class for children ages 6 and up!

Contact me directly as to which Monday or Wednesday session in November you would like.

Fee:  $10 for your supply kit


Here is Martha Stewart interviewing the gal who wrote my favorite knitting book for children, Kids Knits.  You will enjoy meeting the children involved in this interview, as well.


For children under the age of 6 who would like to learn how to knit, I can do a class for them.  I would charge for the knitting tool and provide additional yarn.  As the tool is more expensive that regular knitting needles, the cost would be $16.  I highly recommend this tool for little fingers:  Camden Rose Knitting Tower


Rather than using regular knitting needles, I would teach them using the method which I taught as a kindergartner which uses a tool known as a “knitty nobby,” “knitting nancy,” or “knitting spool,” which is the tool on the left.  I’ve looked at the tools easily available say through craft stores and on Amazon, and I see the that tools which are currently available are not user friendly.  In the effort to cut cost, these tools are not inappropriately sized for small children, but also designed for frustration.

Knitting has been a joyful, relaxing, creative part of my life since the snow day during my kindergarten year of school.  As you’ve seen from my previous postings, I see it as an excellent tool for developing fine motor skills, learning to follow directions, apply basic math, develop creativity, and learn to serve others!