Posted by Mindy

Lullabies have for millennia been the perfect music for babies. We parents may sing to our little ones, but sometimes we wear out and need someone else to sing for us! Michael Card’s lyrics and melodies in the Sleep Sound in Jesus collection are the perfect lullabies, not simply because of their restful qualities, but also because Card points us to foundational truths as to who God is.

How can we have true peace which enables us to enjoy quality sleep? True peace comes from having the eyes of our heart oriented to the wonder and awe of our sufficient, all-powerful, all-loving, ever wise and ever present love of God?

As Michael Card’s website so aptly puts it:

The best-selling lullabies album in the Christian music industry is now packaged in a 2 CD set with its companion album, Come to the Cradle. Countless testimonies confirm that the lullabies, besides facilitating the often difficult routine of “bedtime,” have also ministered to children and their families at times of stress or illness. The songs serve as both a reminder that children are a blessing and an encouragement to parents to invest themselves in the lives of their children.


Our children grew up with these wonderful songs. I’ve been impressed to learn of so many of our children’s peers who grew up with them as well. Now that they are parents, they are absolutely delighted to receive these delightful songs to share with their little ones. May your home be so blessed.