Posted by Mindy

Today we had fun sharing our music together, and then had a tea party! 

My students played their favorite current pieces for one another. With each I gave commentary, whether explaining a folk song’s origin, the story behind the composer writing the composition, or discussing the mood of a piece.

We even joined one of the young pianists by accompanying her with rhythm instruments!

Tea time  was very simple, even as I have encouraged you to keep it.  We had fresh strawberries, blackberries, baby carrots, tuna salad served in little cups created with cucumber and decorated with grape halves, grape tomatoes, mini marshmallows, and some miniature chocolate chip cookies.   All tasty, lovely healthy fare!  I almost put out “ants on a log,” but we had enough of everything else set out.  All the food was gone, except for a half dozen grape tomatoes.

I served lemonade to the younger ones, while we moms enjoyed agua frescas.  Agua frescas are made by steeping fruits, vegetables, herbs together in water.  This morning I made a batch using half of an English cucumber and a large lemon thinly sliced.  What a refreshing beverage on a sultry, summer day!



Everybody had a great time, and I’m thinking that mid-October will be just the time for another!  Hmmm…. what shall the theme be?  Shall we do a Gershwin birthday party?  Lunch with Beethoven?