Posted by Mindy

Who really wants to pick his room?  Or clean the bedroom and bath?  Change out the sheets, dust the window sills?  Well, it all has to be done!  So why not put on some lively music to help energize the family?  We’ve always done a big housecleaning just before Christmas.

To get energized we have traditionally used:

Bizet’s “Carmen.”  Here’s the overture to the Metropolitan Opera’s performance with James Levine.  You talk about zippy music!  You could burn 500 calories an hour if you kept up with it!


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!  Remember this song from the movie “The Jungle Book”?  “I Wanna Be Just Like You!”

Opera and swing music?  Well, they both are lively.  They both tell a story, and the bad guy gets his just desserts in the end!

Get ready!  Get set!  Start the music!  And GO CLEAN!