Posted by Mindy

The enemy isn’t threatened by a new generation that knows God and is steeped in Biblical truth but cannot effectively tell what they know. And he happily occupies the musical text of a new generation that can speak, sing, or play a musical instrument with jaw-dropping pizzazz, as long as their message is contrary to the truth of God.

Robin Donica Wolaver

Robin creates a hypothetical conversation between a concerned parent and herself on the question, “How do I raise a creative child?”  “How do I nurture creative success in my child?”

Her answer:

First focus is upon raising a godly child.  A child who is bonded to mother.

Teach a child to pray just as soon as the child can speak.

Consciously form the child’s understanding of God as her father right from the very beginning.

As you draw closer to the Heavenly Father, you and your child will also draw closer to each other. Your relationship will flourish: a life-long bond.

Parent: Okay, so we’re bonding, praying, studying, talking about the things of God. Then what?

Counselor: Then you must sing with your child!