Posted by Mindy


My photographer friend Kim. who lives in Pacific Grove, California, has a son in a jazz band, called “The Clock Stoppers.”  She writes:

One Saturday morning, during a break in the jazz performance at a local park, the drummer asked this attentive boy if he would like to play the drums.  He LOVED it, especially since he could hear it through his new cochlear implants!  This woman and child were nothing but smiles all day long, a nice contrast to some of the grumpy faces I see around…  Back to my theme for the year, from 1 Thessalonians,  “Be joyful always… give thanks in all circumstances.”  And I love this one from Ephesians, “We are to sing and make music in our heart…. thanking Him for everything. ” (12-3-11)

photo courtesy of Kim Haugen

For further perspective on music, beauty, and cochlear implants, check out Charles Limb: Building the Musical Muscle.