Posted by Mindy


These California sea lions are pretty loud and obnoxious. What a lot of pushing and shoving, whining and complaining, unwholesome and corrupt communication!

And, according to what we learned in Sunday school, the expression “unwholesome speech” comes from an expression in the Greek referring to “smelly fish!”  Well, these aren’t fish, but they don’t always smell sweet!


We may think that we’re not like those grumpy seals in how we communicate, in what we say. But what about the music that we listen to? What are those words saying? Is the message that we’re listening to just as full of whining and complaining, unwholesome and corrupt communication? Would the Holy Spirit in you, Yahweh’s temple, be pleased to be around for such?


How do you communicate with those around you after listening to your favorite music?

Cheerfully? With kindness?

Or are you as obnoxious like these seals?  What does your music stir in your heart?



 Thank you, Kim Haugen, for the use of your photo!