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GUILLAUME DE MAUCHET IS ONE OF THE EARLIEST COMPOSERS for whom there is notable quantity of biographical information. A French poet and composer, he lived through the 100 Years’ War between England and France.

He was tremendously busy, creating compositions which were recording his life and times such as the Black Death which ravaged Europe in 1348-1349, as well as the Siege of Rheims during the Hundred Years’ War. His music also reflects his love of the outdoors, riding, and falconry. His style built upon the popular traditional forms, but his music covered a whole gamut of styles. His most famous composition, the Messe de Nostre Dame (Notre Dame Mass) doesn’t truly represent his work, as very little of it was considered sacred. Neither was this piece composed for the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, but for the Rheims Cathedral where he had his canonry.

Another composer with a lot of hair. Hmmm….do you think that it was his own or a wig?

Rheims Cathedral, the location of the crowning of the kings of France.  de Mauchet was placed on staff at Rheims Cathedral, although he really was not of the clergy nor was he particularly pious. piece of music composed by de Mauchet for Rheims Cathedral











What an amazing place!

De Toutes Flours, an instrument piece composed by de Mauchet and performed on the lute.Although I haven’t found a translation for this title, I imagine (from my French studies long ago) that this probably means something like “Many Flowers” or “Floral.”



The Noyse Merchants have a fascinating website with step-by-step drawings and pictures as to how to construct a Medieval lute. You can visit their webpage here.


















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