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Paul Tripp has been of tremendous encouragement to me through his books, seminars, sermons.   I appreciate his continual pointing to who God is and challenging me as to the state of my heart.  Below is a recent blog entry of his.


I never get used to the moment-by-moment miracle of prayer. It’s an amazing thing that God would ever even once listen to me, let alone answer!

Thankfully for us, prayer finds its hope not in the qualifications of the one praying, but in the character and plan of the God who is hearing. He answers because of who He is. He answers because of what He is doing. He answers because He loves to see us come, and He loves to provide just the grace for that moment.

Each day this week, I’m going to give you one reason why God would respond to us in prayer.


Monday – His Love

God is the ultimate wise, patient, kind, gentle, and forgiving father. He delights in His children. Because of His great love, His eyes look out for us and His ears are always attentive to our cries. Because of His love, He invites us to bring our cares to Him, and He assures us that He really does care for us.

God is never too busy or distracted or too tired to hear and answer. He doesn’t refuse to answer because of our weakness and failure. He doesn’t get impatient because we have to come again and again. He is love, and He loves to exercise His power and glory to meet the needs of His struggling children.


Tuesday – His Grace

Grace provides the whole structure and standing of our relationship with God. If it weren’t for the grandeur of His forgiving grace, we would have no relationship with Him at all. Because of His grace, He’s unwilling to rest until the work of transformation is complete. In grace He looks on us and knows that this work isn’t done.

We’ve not yet been completely formed into the likeness of His Son. Although the power of sin has been broken, He knows that the presence of sin still remains. He hears our prayers because, when we pray, we confess that we still need the grace of forgiveness and deliverance, and in so doing we place ourselves in the center of what He has committed Himself to complete – His work of redemption.


Wednesday – His Faithfulness

God doesn’t change His mind. He doesn’t ride the roller-coaster of the rise and fall of emotions. His heart isn’t a battle zone of conflicting motivations. He doesn’t get bored, exhausted, or distracted. He won’t quit what He has has begun. He won’t forsake those upon whom He has placed His love.

When it comes to prayer, God won’t harden His heart, shut down His mind, and turn His back. He won’t take a break or go to sleep. He will never tell you that you have asked too much or that you have come to Him too often. You never have to wonder if His response will change. He is absolutely faithful to every promise He has made and every provision He has offered. Your hope in prayer is rooted in His faithfulness, not yours.

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