Posted by Mindy

MOST IMPORTANT, DEMONSTRATE TO YOUR CHILD HOW MUCH YOU YOURSELF LOVE MUSIC.  Put on a favorite recording and dance, alone or with a partner, moving smoothly and freely, mostly with your upper body. Pick your baby up and dance with her in your arms. Or sit on the floor with your baby in your lap and sway to music, patting your thighs or hers–singing along with the lyrics, if there are any, and encouraging her to vocalize, too. It isn’t necessary to stick to classical music or children’s songs. A wide variety of musical genres, as well as songs in different languages, will stimulate her brain and body, as long as the music isn’t too loud.

You are welcome to read this selection from the book by Don Campbell: “The Mozart Effect for Children: Awakening your Child’s Mind, Health, and Creativity with Music, published by William Morrow, p. 77